Tuition & Financial Aid

Employers know just how valuable the Clarkson MSEM degree can be. Many companies offer corporate sponsorships with tuition reimbursement for the program so their employees get the MSEM degree that gives the company a competitive edge. If your company doesn't offer educational assistance, the MSEM program is designed to leverage federal financial aid as well. We will work with you and your employer to find the best options for you. For employer reimbursement, you will need to fill out the employer reimbursement form and send it to Michael Walsh or to Clarkson's Student Administrative Services. For financial aid options, contact Clarkson’s Student Administrative Services to discuss financing options for graduate education. The MSEM program is a 30 credit hour program designed to be completed in less than two years. 2015-2016 Tuition for the program is $43,710. The academic calendar is spread over three years to maximize tuition reimbursement benefits.