Student Engagement

Clarkson students are smart. They are innovative, entrepreneurial, driven, ambitious and willing to stretch boundaries—but most importantly, they get things done.

That’s why our corporate partners seek out Clarkson students for internships, co-ops, jobs, research projects, design challenges and a slew of other opportunities.

As a career focused university, Clarkson constantly seeks opportunities for students to engage directly with companies, learn from industry experts, and work on real projects. The benefits are obvious—for Clarkson students, the experiences are unmatched, and they graduate with on-the-job training, in-depth industry knowledge, and a deep appreciation of the work companies do and how to do it.

Clarkson’s corporate partners have several opportunities to work directly with our students, from sponsored student projects to special topic courses.

SPEED Program

SPEED Clean Snowmobile

Clarkson’s SPEED (Student Projects for Engineering Experience & Design) program emphasizes application of technical competencies through complex design projects, teamwork skills and the importance of the many nontechnical professional tasks involved in the completion of a design project. Not only must the students design and build their projects, but they must also handle project marketing, report writing and presentations, giving students from a variety of disciplines the chance to showcase their particular skills as part of a successful project. The SPEED program replicates the team-based work environment found in many companies. This holistic approach to engineering design is mentored by a dedicated team of faculty and staff who attend team meetings, review design calculations and interface with the team.

Support for SPEED will provide an opportunity for you to increase your company’s presence on campus and in the minds of students. Sponsorship also gives you unique access to some of Clarkson’s brightest engineering students, helping you identify the best interns and future employees for your company.


Established in 1997 to raise Clarkson University’s national profile of excellence by attracting students with exceptional promise, the Honors Program has a unique curriculum that trains students through team-based, real-world projects that offer unparalleled opportunities for research. All Honors students complete an Honors thesis in addition to meeting service and leadership requirements for graduation.

Your company can support Clarkson’s Honors students by sponsoring scholarships or providing Summer Research funding.

Special Topics Courses

Companies can lead a lecture during the semester on a topic related to their area of expertise, earn Professional Development Hour credit, benefit from social media and alumni marketing, company branding on course listings and access for recruiting students in the class. Lectures can be delivered remotely or on campus. Contact NEED CONTACT INFO for more info

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For more information please contact:

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